Pudge Wars Mobile

“My parents prohibit me from playing Dota2 on my PC, but now I can play it on my tablet! Thank you very much! You have saved my life!”

we have got a number of such responses from our previous mobile title “ARDota2 Live” and we decided to help our audience to play something even more dynamic and exciting.

We were aiming to bring to the Market a game that would be: very dynamic, multiplayer enabled and will allow players to compete in the same game from different Mobile platforms. We defined, estimated, started and then froze at least two other projects (maybe we will return to them a bit later) and then brilliant idea come to our office: to use Unity3D for multiplatform support and use Photon Server for Multiplayer. Thus, the work started to boil and people got crazy and excited with the new project and new technologies.

Can you imagine, you can play games right on your working place, through the whole day and you can request and add a new features right to the next build and bake it right away, dropping new version to our beta-testers community. We have got a lot of valuable inputs from our playing friends and some of them we have already implemented in the PusgeWars.Mobile.

Despite we were estimating to develop the game in “just two weeks”, it took us a long three months of non-stop rush to release the application to the first mobile platform. Soon we are going to port it to the iOS and WP.

We are not part of Valve Company, neither Blizzard nor Microsoft… But, if someone will have interest to help us in developing of these and even better products, please contact us at info[@]pudgewars.mobi

If you have ideas, request and other wishes to our team and our games, feel free to drop us a note at support[@]pudgewars.mobi