Invite your friends!


How it works?

When your invitee is using Midas 10 times you will receive 190 Coins! If his\her invitee will use Midas 20 times - you'll receive another 190 Coins. And it can continue forewer!

How to invite your friends?

To obtain refearl bonuses it is required that your friends come to the Site using your direct referral link. User that is registered via invitation link will receive additional double bonus.

Generate Referral Link

1. Place your Link

When you place your referal link in Internet

2. New User registers using link

If new user registers using your referal link he\she will double the amounts of initial Coins

3. See your earning in the game

The more friends you invite to the game - more exciting game will became! The more friends you invite - more money you will earn together!